What is it ?

This kind of therapy is based on the assumption that many complaints: be it psychological, emotional, mental or physical, financial difficulties, low self-esteem, loneliness, alienation or hearing voices, has a root cause. This cause can be found in unprocessed experiences from the past. The cause of these unconscious thoughts, unpleasant emotions and feelings, can hinder the way to a happy life and can be corrected and / or transformed.


Through the use of trance, the unprocessed and unconscious experiences from the past can become a conscious element and can be transformed.  The mental  block will disappear and this lead to a better understanding and eventually enlightenment. This form of therapy has been proved to be suitable for children. Sessions with the mother can help babies very much. We don’t need to believe in past lives.

How do we go about this?

During the first interview, by the collecting of biographical and issue-oriented information, the first insight will be created. They will be made aware of the goal they can achieve. The following sessions are focused on re-living. The cause of  a problem may lie in early childhood, in the womb, during conception or from past lives. These areas of life are approached through trance. There is no hypnosis. But there is the possibility to learn positive self-hypnosis. Each session can take two to two and a half hours for adults and half or one hour for children.

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