Be the best coach for yourselves !

Don’t do this course if you won’t learn:

About the backgrounds of Huna and the vision of man and his life purpose.

What “breathing” really is and the breathing techniques that increase resistance and strengthen your immune system.
Concentration techniques that can be easy used in any situation.
What is meditation and what you can achieve with it.
Communication techniques to achieve your goals and to create harmony and peace in you and around you.
To re-connect you in a healthy and harmonious way with others regarding  your family, your colleagues, or acquaintances.
To set your goals and to learn effectively to attain them.
How to clean and / or liberate yourself and others from “bad” influences and change “bad” people  into  good ones.
How to discover what the right diet is, learn self-massage techniques and how to stay healthy and young as well and much more….


Concentration and relaxation techniques
Children their job is to observe the surroundings and get an example of how to behave in their future life.

They follow the good once: how to relax, how to share all the good events, how to resolve disagreements, about the passion for their own talent, discipline, good care for themselves.

And sometimes they unwittingly take on their shoulders, impossible for them, troubles of the “big” people.

In this course, the children can develop their own personality learning:

How to relax and release by various techniques such as motion, isometric, kinetic visualization.
All about the breathing, how our bodies do that, how the surroundings and our thoughts and emotions affect our breath and what is correct breathing.
How to resolve many difficult issues in a playful an quickly way: as nocturnal and other fears, headaches, wickedness, irritations, difficulties, troubles.
How to guard themselves.
How to set goals for the future and make them thru.
How to create harmonious relationships with family and friends.


In the course “DREAMS” you will work with your own night dreams. Learning the language of the “night” or learning to understand your Unconsciousness, you will broaden your mind, you will find hints in order to solve all  difficult issues, even regarding health. Certainly you will learn to know yourself better. It’s a source of  knowledge and wisdom.


Qi is the Chinese concept of life energy, Gong means so much as “art” or “skill”. Qi Gong can be translated as “the master of working with life energy”.

In this course you will learn the specific movement patterns, breathing techniques and the healing sounds that can bring your body and mind in balance and  has very positive effect on health such as well preventive as curative.

You learn how to remove negative energy, how to purify and regenerate, how to increase inner joy, how to renew your being, how to let go – and how to let it flow – and how to guard your energy.

The movements have profound effect regarding relaxation and regain the balance of the body.
You can easily learn these exercises. It is for old and young and can be done anywhere and everywhere.

There is a special course QIGONG only for women too.


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